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HIMALL was established in Seoul in December 2012 for the purpose of e-commerce and wholesale and retail business.

In March 2014, it started the Magic Chicken Powder business that can cook chicken without fried oil.

In September 2017, it registered for the U.S.A FDA facility and began exporting to Cconmausa, HIMALL is now sold in the Amazon, eBAY of U.S.A, Qoo 10 & Shopee of Singapore, TaoBao of China, Rakuten of Japan.

Company History

January, 2019 Launched “HIMALL New Magic Chicken Powder(120g)”
January, 2019 Achieved 145% for reward type crowdfunding with“HIMALL New Magic Chicken Powder”
January, 2018 Registered a trademark “HIMALL Magic Chicken Powder ” (Registration:no. 40-1323267): Type 30
January, 2018 Extended FDA food facility registration until Nov. 31th in 2020
April, 2017 "Magic Chicken Powder" and "Magic Seasoning Powder" selected for the "Idea Award: Food Category" at the 2017 Hi-Seoul Excellent Product Award.
July, 2017 Applied for a patent on the "chicken seasoning powder and its recipe." (10-2017-0086568)
July, 2017 Won the "Excellent Small and Medium Business Award" by Challenge Korea Campaign Association. (Challenge Korea No. 2017-SB03)
January, 2016 Added the Manufacturing (food processing) business (Business Item) to the certificate of business registration.
February, 2016 Registered the trademark of "Magic Chicken Powder" (Registration No. 40-1162341): Article 29
April, 2016 "Magic Chicken Powder" aired on the "Sparkling Idea" program on SBS TV channel.
April, 2016 Opened "Hi-Gift Mall 3" (www.higiftmall.kr)
June, 2016 "Magic Chicken Powder" and "Magic Seasoning Powder" selected as one of the HIT 500 Products by the Small & Medium Business Cooperation.
November, 2016 "Magic Chicken Powder" aired on the "Miracle of David" program on the Korea Economic cable TV channel.
January, 2016 Reported the business for the food sub-division and sales. (No. 2016-0046034)
December, 2015 "Magic Chicken Powder" aired on the live "Today's Morning" program on the MBC TV channel.
November, 2015 Released the new products "Magic Chicken Powder with Curry Flavor" and "Magic Seasoning Powder."
October, 2015 Signed an OEM supply contract for the new product "Magic Chicken Powder" with Areumteo Co.
August, 2015 Opened Hi Gift Mall 2 (www.higiftmall.co.kr)
May, 2015 Acquired the Dope Boys (www.dopeboyz.co.kr)
April, 2015 Signed a supply contract on Hwangtae (freeze-dried Pollock) with Bookseorak Co.
November, 2015 Submitted the written decision on publication of examined application.
February, 2015 Applied for copyright registration of the Magical Chicken Powder image (Shooting date: 2014.03.04). (Korea Copyright Commission)
February, 2015 Started the overseas online business for overseas direct purchase
December, 2015 Applied for trademark registration of "Magic Seasoning Powder." (Application No. 40-2015-0095791) : Article 30
July, 2014 "Magical Chicken Powder" aired on VJ Magazine program on 'Jobs' the Cable TV Channel.
March, 2014 Acquired the business of "Magic chicken powder without frying in oil".
January, 2014 Took over Non-frying Magic ChickenPowder
September, 2014 Notified as the health supplements and food sales business. (Seoul Jungang No. 1399)
January, 2012 Founded HIMALL Co.
December, 2012 Notified as the Telecommunication Distributor (No. 2012-Seoul Jungang-0720).
August, 2012 Registered the trademark of Organic Yepponge (No. 40-0930458): Article 21
December, 2012 Incorporated Yeppinara (founded on January 13

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Himall Co., Ltd. (www.himall1212.com)

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    Jin Ha Kim
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    153 Bonghwasan-ro 56-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul (02071)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product Himall Magic Chicken Powder
Established 2012-12-12
Total Annual Revenue 3~5 million (KRW)
Total Employees Less than 5